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Banking-as-a-Service new generation


Power your innovative card and payment programs with the most advanced and easy-to-use platform on the market.

Choose from a wide range of plug-and-play modular products to enjoy the best of embedded finance.

Benefit from vast technical expertise supporting your quick time-to-market with a proven track record.

Let’s power your Qwest. Simplicity in complexity.

Benefits & Features


A unique and true capacity to operate on a “pick and choose” model depending on your specific needs.

Full API and

We offer only products that are fully based on modern, secure, real-time API technology to suit your complex business needs.

Cost efficient

The most efficient and cost saving pricing structure to manage your volumes of transactions, no matter how small or large they may be.

Cloud native and full serverless

The best of breed technology built to deliver the highest level of scalability, reliability and time-to-market for your data.

Connectivity & interoperability

All our products are designed to integrate with any combination of either additional products on our platform or your own infrastructure.

Dedicated instances

One dedicated cloud instance for each of our products, eliminating any cross-cutting concerns and simplifying your integration. Ensure a full GDPR compliance of all your data all processed in EU.


CardFichier 8_2x.png


Our sophisticated Card issuing and processing engine, fully cloud native and serverless, to power the most ambitious card programs offered by VISA and (soon) Mastercard.

CMSFichier 9_2x.png


Our flexible Card Management System to configure and operationally manage all types of cards such as prepaid, debit or credit; and card configurations like single or multi-currency, limits, and geography, to name a few.

LedgerFichier 11_2x.png


Our robust core banking system to manage all types of accounting Ledgers in any one or more currencies including virtual accounts, settlement, custodians, etc.

ClearFichier 12_2x.png


Our versatile payment messaging system that Clears transactions via industry-standard payment rails such as SWIFT, SEPA, or SEPA Direct Debit (SDD). 

IDFichier 10_2x.png


Our reliable data Lake that leverages all your operational data to manage your compliance and create hyper-personalized products that push boundaries in embedded finance.

BlankFichier 13_2x.png


Our unique directory system to deliver total flexibility in your management of Bank accounts. For example: one IBAN linked to several accounts, several accounts linked to one IBAN, etc.

More products coming soon…

Stay tuned with our latest updates

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